Terms and conditions

Terms & conditions


Ristoro Appenino di Tacconi Lucia, G. & P. s.n.c.: is the owner’s company and he company that sells online via the website www.ristoroappenino.it

Buyer: is the natural or legal person who buys our services

Beneficiary: natural person who receives the gift card in paper or digital format.


The voucher can be purchased at our location or online on the website www.ristoroappennino.it

The receipt for purchasing the voucher is released to the buyer

The voucher or the gift card goes to the beneficiary, who is accounted of the prepaid credit


Even if on the voucher is shown a specific treatment, the beneficiary can convert it to another treatment and/or other products up to voucher’s value (if the buyer has benefitted of a reduction or promotion while buying, while changing the services is applied the actual paid amount, not the primary cost).
If the replaced service costs more than the voucher, the difference must be paid.


All the services must be reserved. The beneficiary can contact the facility at +39 0732 251783 or by mail at info@ristoroappennino.it to inform about the day and the hour in which wants to utilize the treatment.
Ristoro Appennino di Tacconi Lucia, G. & P. s.n.c. reserves the opportunity to consider you availability and, if necessary, to propose an alternative day and hour.


The voucher expires at the end of the 6th month from the purchase. The expiration it’s written on the voucher.
When expired, if it hasn’t been used or only partly and the extension (see point 8) was not requested, the pre-paid gets accounted for his entire value or what’s left, then the voucher can’t be used anymore.


Gift cards are nominative, and can be used only by the holder (beneficiary) or from persons he designated.
In the second case it is not possible to print a new voucher with a different beneficiary, but the reservation must be done by the first beneficiary.


Once bought and given to the beneficiary, the buyer can’t ask for the refund.
The beneficiary can’t ask the refund or to convert it into money, but he can convert it in other services or products (see point 3) or give it to another person (see point 6)


In the event the beneficiary can’t utilize the voucher before the expiration, he can extend its validity up to 2 months. The prolongation has to be asked before the voucher expires.
When the voucher expires, If the prolongation hasn’t been requested, the prepaid gets automatically accounted for his entire value or what’s left, the prolongation can’t be asked and the voucher can’t be used anymore.
If the prolongation has been asked and after the 2 extra months the voucher hasn’t been used or partly used, you can’t ask for more prolongations, the prepaid gets accounted and can’t be used anymore.
If you’re unable to use the services, then we suggest to consider the change (see point 3) or the transferability (see point 6)


Who buys the voucher declares himself responsible for publishing his name and the name of the one who receives the gift. Buying the voucher, the buyer implicitly accepts this condition.

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